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Nuvacuum specializes in the fabrication and manufacturing of large diameter and large dimensional high quality vacuum chambers using a variety of materials including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Our extensive experience in the manufacturing of vacuum chambers which are custom "one of a kind" types, or production volume quantities allows us to work in a wide range of industries including space/laboratory research, coating systems, semiconductor process equipment, furnace/heat treating and many other related industries. We are highly skilled in the fabrication of chambers used in all levels of vacuum pressure and are well versed in the machining, welding, finishes and leak test requirements necessary to make these types of chambers. Our skilled machinists, certified welders and extensive facilities provide for high quality assemblies which adhere to the most stringent quality and tolerance specifications.

We are able to fabricate and assemble complex, large diameter/dimensional manifold or multi-chamber assemblies. We can manufacture to the individual components and then integrate them into a complete assembly incorporating all necessary fabrication, assembly and testing. We can provide for pump/component installation and testing as well.

Nuvacuum Systems, Inc. can work with you to design, manufacture, test and ship a wide range of thermal vacuum shrouds using a variety of liquid and gaseous nitrogen processes. The shrouds we manufacture are used in many different simulation or space research experiments. These shrouds can be heated and cooled to meet the tightest of operating specifications.

Nuvacuum can fabricate, assemble and test various levels of customer designed vacuum sub-system assemblies. These sub-systems include all necessary chambers, frames/cradles, pumps, valving, interconnect manifolds and wiring of electrical control panels within the assembled system. This unique capability is used by many of our customers including semiconductor process equipment and furnace/oven OEMs.

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