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Nu Vacuum can help you to design your chamber. We use Autocad 2000 and Solidworks modeling. Because we are ASME Certified (U and R), we can also assist you with stress, thickness, and deflection calculations as well.

Our extensive experience at designing and making hundreds of chambers every year for the past 24 years can be used to help you get the best chamber possible.

We also offer design templates for you to use when designing your chamber. Check out the offerings below. You may see a detailed view of each template by clicking on the image.

Hinge Set
Our standard hinge set can be used on any box style chamber. They support very heavy weights (72" x 72" for example) and provide for smooth operation and positive closure of any door. They are designed to offer adjustment in two directions and can be attached by welding or by bolting.
This camlock/latch is used to close and latch doors for box style chambers and large diameter doors of horizontally mounted round chambers as well. It closes and locks the door under atmospheric pressure and is designed to release once the chamber begins to pump down. We have left and right side designs.
These buttons are designed to be tack-welded to the inside of the chamber and used for mounting shields inside the chamber or to mount different devices, jigs, etc. as well. They are designed to that they are high vacuum compatible and have an integrated vent slot on the bottom.
Chamber Boss/Lift Lug
This flush mount lift lug is to be welded on the chamber to assist in lifting it during installation.
Oring Grooves
This is our standard design template for single oring grooves for vacuum chambers. We also have designs available for differently pumped (double) oring grooves as well.
The NVSI viewport is to be welded in to a port hole that has been machined into the chamber wall. These are made by NVSI and are available for $375.00 each.
Weld Symbols
This chart is to be used as a reference point for engineers who draw in or specify the many different weld requirements for a chamber or vessel.

Email us at engineering@nuvacuum.com and we'll send you functional drawings (e-files too!) of any of the templates shown above. Give us your questions and we'll give you answers!

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